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We help Startups build investor-ready presentations, financial models and analysis that support due diligence for funding.

A Great Product is Just the Start...

Investors want credible, robust numbers

Early stage companies often lack the time or expertise to create “investor-ready” financial packages that are formatted for the needs of the startup investment community.

• At the same time, some investors lack resources  to evaluate non-conforming entrepreneurial target companies. They have to leverage their limited staff in other areas.

• As a result, both companies and investors sometimes miss opportunities to connect

We build the financial tools you need

Angel financing is a multi-step process.  Startup companies focus on their pitch deck - highlighting their product or service.  BUT after passing that hurdle, they need a business model to show how they are going to deliver returns on investment.  Kathleen Baxley creates financial models and tools for entrepreneurs to do this. invest in startups angel investment

Our products are easy-to-use for you and for investors

Financial forecasts of operating performance and capital requirements

Capitalization and valuation tools

Organization/strategy for funding 

Coaching on financial strategy and terminology

Confidence in your ability to respond to investors questions

Be Ready for Investor Scrutiny

What investors need

Achieving scale in business means selling the profit potential of your idea to potential investors.  Catching investor attention requires a compelling story, fully rounded analysis and credible forecasts.  It's hard to do if you are a member of the financial boys club but even harder if you are a woman, often underrepresented and discounted at the negotiating table.  

Trusted partners

  • Startups that are raising seed or angel funding. When CEOs raise capital for the first time, they need an experienced supportive advisor who will help coach them through the numbers and optimize their pitch. Services include custom earnings models, valuation analyses, market analyses and pitch refining – as well as CEO advice and education.
  • Angel investors, law firms and others who want a ready-to-use financial profile from target companies before reviewing them. For example, startups often present financial data in difficult-to-adapt formats (Quickbooks, convoluted excel templates, etc.). I deliver a clean GAAP-friendly financial package that can be manipulated and easily compared to other companies, adding clarity and reducing investment risk.  

Kathleen Baxley, founder, consultant

Uniquely qualified

· Financial:  more than 25 years of experience preparing financial models, business plans, market analysis and valuation tools, mostly at JPMorgan and Oppenheimer. Provided each firms’ global equity sales desk with investment recommendations based on strategies/events/trends and their impact on company valuations. Focused on healthcare, consumer products and print media companies.

· Entrepreneurial:  launched and operated 2 startup companies in 6 years: a hotel-based restaurant and a line of Cashmere lingerie. Responsibilities included business plan creation, product design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, staffing and financial management. Built inroads to Seattle startup community.

· Personal:  relocated from New York to Seattle in 2009 to turn around a historic hospitality business, spend more time with family and, more generally, improve quality of life  

Startup Valuation Resources

Financial Modeling, Valuation, Market Analysis, Interim CFO Projects

Kathleen Baxley